This was the project we Created in our Structure of Game Production class.
The class focused on production concepts like scheduling, time estimates on task and unfortunate events.
By unfortunate events the class had a application where you "rolled a dice" and depending on the result you could get something good or something bad for example: move your milestone one day ahead, move your milestone one day back, drop a feature, add a feature, swap a team member, etc...
This simulated a real work environment where unexpected events can happen.
This was also the way your game topic would be assinged to you here is a example of the possible values:
For example: Woman age 19-30, Woman age 30-60, Philosophy and linguistics, Science, Puzzle,Brand (create a game about a brand),Remake(remake a old game to perfection) and Especial input device(Like the WII controller).
This was our ( Nichole, Adam Grey)  SGP project we had to make a game about a topic chosen at random our topic was philosophy. 
We spent a good 2 days thinking about what would a game about philosophy would be after lot's of research on the topic and brainstorming we came up with the idea of like a "test" so you where tested while playing the game based on the actions you took.
For example: If you walked the game character across the grass you will had a lower rating in  Naturalism category but you will have a higher rating on determinism to get to your end goal..
The game is a simple 2D Game with a top down view and some mini-games.