This app let you see the balance available on your autoexpreso account while away from your computer in a instant from your mobile device.

The app is going to have many updates released with new features please be patient.


Current Features:

  • Ability to check the balance in a time interval.
  • Displays the balance of your AutoExpreso account in your smartphone.
  • Show history of recent transactions with the ability to differentiate each AutoExpreso Tag.
  • Display how long ago was the balance was updated.

Future Features:

  • GPS enhanced notification let's you know when your balance is running out only when you are near a toll.
  • Ability to identify other AutoExpreso Tags - This will let you have a icon associated with each car in your account.
  • Open a map when you click on the toll name.
  • Voice notification of low balance.
  • How To pay your AutoExpreso account using the phone.
  • Android support is on the work.
  • Spanish Language version.
If you have any new ideas or suggestion need help or just wanna say hi dont hesitate to email me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


The Application is available for Sale Balance AutoExpreso for iOS on the iTunes AppStore.