Bluehost apparently deletes everything a month after your hosting expires. I tried renewing a few times (which took me by surprise the cost apparently my special offer no longer existed) I started putting it off since I wanted to find a new host but did not have time to sit down and transfer everything.
I decided to renew one month so I would have no downtime and migrate everything. Problem was that their site was giving me errors and they did not answer my support ticket. Since I did not have time I just left it expire and was going to renew it once I had time. But did not notice on the emails that they where going to delete everything a month after expiration. Soooo There goes my old site.

I started making the site from scratch with the help of the Internet wayback machine( 
This made me realize that my old site was terrible. Of the 8 pages it had only two actually have more than a sentence written on it.
I decided to add some more text to those old projects and instead added the more recent ones that I had a lot of content on them written.
I definitely want to improve this page just need to find the time for it.

I now have to restore the other domain that was on the same hosting that had a much more complicated setup.